Fluffy Breakfast Casserole

This casserole has everything you need! Ground pork, maple syrup, herbs. Hash brown potatoes, bell peppers, caramelized onions.

The most tender, fluffy eggs!!

This casserole recipe results in the most fluffy tender eggs!​
You know when you have scrambled eggs and they are SO dense? Let me tell you I have the secret to fluffy, delicate eggs! I call these eggs clouds from heaven. Because they are just like that! The secret to fluffy tender eggs in any casserole is the right proportion of egg to liquid, whipping them well until frothy. AND my secret: mayonnaise! Trust me on this one!

Ground pork, not sausage…

This recipe calls for ground pork, not sausage. You can substitute bulk ground sausage if you choose. I like making this casserole using plain ground pork and seasoning it myself to keep this casserole as clean as possible and minimize un-necessary additives and nitrates/nitrites which are typically found in sausage. Maple syrup is added to the pork in step one, to give this casserole an extra breakfast-y taste! The herbs used in this recipe to flavor the pork make this breakfast casserole so flavorful!

Fresh or frozen potatoes?

For a shortcut you can use bagged, frozen cubed breakfast potatoes. Or you can make your own. You want to par boil the cubed fresh potatoes before putting them into the casserole, or you risk them being hard and not cooked after the casserole is cooked. To prepare the potatoes: dice into small cubes, put into pot and cover with 1 inch of water. Cover, bring to a boil and cook for 5 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold water.<6>

Great make ahead meal!

This recipe uses an 8.5″ x 11″ glass baking dish, which you can cut into at least 12 squares. They freeze great, just wrap them up in parchment paper and freeze in airtight containers. When you are ready to eat, either thaw first, or cook frozen in a 400 degree oven, covered with foil. If you want to make less, just cut the recipe in half. Use an 8 inch square baking dish if you do so.

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 40 min Total Time 55 mins
Servings: 10
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year

You Need


Make Filling

    • In a large skillet, over medium heat brown and crumble pork. As the meat is browning, add all ingredients up to and including maple syrup.
    • Remove pork from skillet.​
    • Add onion to same skillet. Cook on medium low, until beginning to caramelize, about 15-20 minutes. This step takes some time, but will add tons of flavor to your breakfast casserole!
    • Add bell pepper to onion. Cook until beginning to soften. Add garlic. Cook 1 minute more
    • Remove from heat.

Prepare Eggs

    • In a large bowl, whisk 10 eggs until foamy. About 3 minutes. This will incorporate air, and give them a nice and light texture once baked.
    • Add water, oat milk and mayonnaise. Mayonnaise might be hard to fully incorporate in this step, and little bits of mayonnaise may be seen throughout the eggs. This is okay, as the casserole cooks it will all come together. 
    • Add 1 tablespoon dried thyme & 1 teaspoon kosher salt.
    Mayonnaise in eggs? YES! Trust me on this one. The mayonnaise adds a buttery richness to the eggs, and keeps them nice and most and tender. Just do it!

Combine Casserole Ingredients

    • Mix the pork & veggies, and hash brown potatoes into the eggs. 
    • Pour into a greased, 8.5" x 11" glass baking dish that has been greased lightly. I greased mine with coconut oil.
    • Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes covered with foil.
    • Check casserole, it should be liquid-y on top, with a large portion of the center still liquid. If it is, remove foil and cook another 10 minutes.
    • If it is more 'set' and solid, cover, and reduce oven temperature to 325 degrees and cook another 10 minutes. 
    • Do not over bake. Cook just until set, and barely wobbly in the center. The breakfast casserole will continue to cook in dish after it is pulled from the oven.
    • I like to garnish this casserole with some chopped parsley & fresh chopped bell pepper. You could also garnish with some avocado slices! I like the cool contrast of the crisp veggies on top of the warm casserole.
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