Hamburger Pie!

Ground beef is topped with beaten eggs and baked, cut this into wedges and you have the perfect weeknight meal!
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What is hamburger pie?

Traditionally known as “cheese burger pie” and something my mother made a few times a year, ground beef is topped with beaten egg. The egg cooks on top of the hamburger and you have a wonderful “pie” that you can cut into slices, the egg holds everything together perfectly. I have since learned how dairy impacts me negatively (joint pain, acne, inflammation) so now I make this, without the cheese, and with a few added ingredients: spices, and topped with sliced tomatoes! If you haven’t tried hamburger pie before, I highly recommend you try this, it’s both economical to make for your family, and comes together in NO TIME! Did I mention you can make this for breakfast too? Just swap out the beef for ground sausage, try my sausage recipe here Just skip the part where you make them into patties, and crumble it while cooking as you would the ground beef as instructed below.

What kind of beef should I use?

Ground beef works well here, or as mentioned above, you could use ground sausage! I like to use ground beef that is labeled 85/15. This means there is 15% fat in the beef. You can also find 95/5, which is 95% lean and 5% fat. I find the more lean ground beef dries out and is chewy.

Does this recipe need flour?

No flour, or thickeners are used. The eggs settle perfectly on top of the ground beef, and firm up perfectly. There’s absolutely no need to add thickeners or flour. A bonus is that this is keto and gluten free! The eggs stay perfectly tender and moist with the addition of mayonnaise.

What else can I add into this pie?

I like placing tomatoes on top, a sweet bite of tomato, and a great red burst of color against the yellow egg. Feel free to add other veggies on top, or even mix them into your ground beef. Spinach, onions, bell pepper, mushrooms, would all work great!

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 30 min Rest Time 10 min Total Time 50 mins
Servings: 4
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Hamburger pie is a simple, yet delicious fast meal. Eggs are beaten with mayonnaise to keep them tender and moist while baking. Ground beef is sautéed with garlic and spices. Your family will be asking you to make this one again and again.

You Need


Prepare the Filling

  1. Brown the Beef
    • Brown the ground beef in a large skillet.
    • Season beef with onion powder, garlic powder, mustard powder, kosher salt and black pepper.
    • Add garlic and onions. 
    • Remove from heat when it is just shy of cooked completely, it will finish cooking in the oven.
    If you are going to make this for breakfast, and want to use sausage, just brown the sausage in this step in place of the beef.
  2. Prepare the Eggs
    • Crack eggs into a bowl.
    • Add mayonnaise, whisk to combine.
    The mayonnaise is a MUST. It keeps the eggs fluffy and moist!!

Combine Ingredients for Hamburger Casserole

    • In a casserole dish, lightly greased, put the ground beef mixture.
    • Slowly pour the egg mixture on top of the beef.
    • Top with tomato slices, if using. 
    • Bake, covered, @375 for 25-30 minutes.
    • Do not over bake. Eggs will dry out. Pie should have a slight jiggle in center.
    • Let sit for 10 minutes before cutting.
    Other toppings or mix-ins that could be great: mushrooms, diced tomatoes, bell pepper, fresh spinach.
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